Setting New Standards for the Industry

Finch Technologies Ltd. develops 3D tracking technology, devices and software solutions that enable natural user experiences for AR, VR and XR.

Our patented spatial tracking technology removes field-of-view limitations and ensures full freedom of movement and intuitive interfaces so users can explore and interact in digital worlds as they would in the real world.

We provide universally compatible controlling solutions for consumers, enterprise, and partner with some of the biggest names in technology.

Our Mission

We want to showcase the new frontiers of VR and AR to the world and create the hardware that will become an everyday tool for millions of people, just like a mobile phone is now. Our extensive experience in virtual and augmented reality uniquely positions us to make this goal a reality.

Key Facts

• Established in 2016, Privately funded

• Headquartered in Berkeley, California with offices in Asia and Europe

• Employing more than 30 engineers in mathematics, physics, computer science and hardware design

• Finch spatial tracking technology is protected internationally with multiple pending patents.

• Finch Technologies, FinchShift, FinchTracker and FinchBodyModel trademarks and logos displayed on website are the trademarks and the property of Finch Technologies Ltd.

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