FinchRing - Enabling Limitless Interactions

Hands-free intuitive controls so you can move as you would in the real world without limitations in AR, VR and XR.

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3-DoF functionality and Microgestures


Brings to FinchRing 6-DoF tracking functionality without requiring optical cameras


3-DoF functionality and Microgestures
Brings to FinchRing 6-DoF tracking functionality without requiring optical cameras

Hand-held smartphone AR

Control interfaces and play games by using Android or iOS smartphones or tablets

Ideal input
for AR HMDs

Bring intuitive input to new generation of AR smartglasses
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Interact with real and virtual objects without thinking about the controller. Functionality available on-demand. No requirement to pick up and hold a controller.

Integrates with multi-modal inputs

A seamless combination of the input technologies is the best way to deliver perfect user experience. The FinchRing complements inputs such as optical fingers tracking, eye-tracking, voice and keyboard without taking the FinchRing off.

Freedom of movement

Feel the difference between 3-DoF and 6-DoF tracking technologies. Choose Ring only for controlling basic arcade games or content viewing or choose 6-DoF for advanced realistic immersive experiences.



High-quality 6-DoF hand tracking using AI in our proprietary kinematic model

No field-of-view limitations and occlusion

Throw the ball above your head, play tennis, throw a ball, hide virtual treasure behind your back - don't worry - tracking won't be lost. It works indoors and outdoors, not impacted by lighting conditions or weather.

Hand Gestures

Wave your arm up and down, left to right, in and out as if you're in a fantasy movie. FinchRing gestures library is embedded into Finch SDK, offloading additional compute from headset, further reducing motion-to-command latency and increasing battery life.

Haptic feedback

Finally you can feel as if you're actually interacting with virtual objects. Vibration motor embedded into the FinchRing with haptic patterns and controls configurable in the SDK.

Action button

Action button

Shoot, point, choose in virtual menu as fast as you're currently doing with button on your mouse or your smartphone screen. Delivers immediate command response in an ergonomic form factor. Reacts to varying pressure and programmable in SDK.

Micro Gestures


The sensitive touchpad makes it possible to interact with AR interfaces faster and imperceptably to others. Reducing fatigue from constantly holding hands up for in-field-of-view gestures.

Subtle swipes right-left, dial up and down by micromovements of your thumb.

One size solution

FinchArmband - one size solution

The adjustable armband strap is designed to fit the FinchTracker and fits all arm sizes for 6-DoF interactions


FinchRing -
one size solution

FinchRing is located on the second joint of the index finger with a clip that comfortably fits nearly all finger sizes for all-day wear


Easy to charge everywhere, anytime

Device Charge Time
30 min for 0-80% charge
FinchCradle Charge Time
1 Hour for 0-80% charge
Battery Capacity
1000 mAh
Standard for Charging


3DoF / 6DoF
IMU type
6-axis sensor
Battery lifetime
Up to 4 hours active use
Battery Capacity
30 mAh
HID protocol supported
Easy-to-use for Developers and OEMs
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oFreedom of movement
Unity for Android and iOS
Freedom of movement
Unity for Nreal
iOS and MacOS
Qualcomm XR2
Coming Soon

Development & Testing Kits

Finch Ring 3DoF and 6DoF
- Finch Ring
- FinchTracker - Finch Cradle
- Strap for Finch Tracker
- Charging Cable: Type-C
- Manual: Software pack with
demo and SDK for NREAL
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FinchRing + Nreal AR Glasses
- FinchRing x 2
- Nreal x 1
- Tutorial App
- 2 x Demo Games
- Finch SDK
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