FinchShift - Camera-free 6-DoF hand tracking in Virtual and Augmented reality with no field-of-view limitations.

Full Freedom of Movement

FinchShift Controllers are the first cross-platform, camera-free controllers enabling natural and immersive interaction in VR with no field-of-view limitations through all six degrees of freedom "6-DoF".

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Universal Controller

The perfect controller is the one that disappears in your hands. FinchShift’s balanced, lightweight, universal design, with an ergonomic grip button and automatic detection create an effortless, fully immersive experience of VR and AR worlds.

Touch-pad up Trackpad / Digital click Home button App button 2xAAA batteries
Touch-pad side Grip button Trigger
FinchTracker AAA battery LED markers Power button


The key to accessible virtual worlds.
Built with proprietary hand and body kinematic modeling technology - FinchBodyModel. The FinchTracker armband module works without cameras or base stations, with no field-of-view limitations to allow for full freedom of movement and interaction in virtual worlds.

Compatible With Popular Headsets

FinchShift is integrated into most popular VR headsets on the market, including VIVE Focus and Qualcomm 835/845/855 mobile SOCs.

• Automatic Optical Calibration
• Supports Room Scale functionality

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HTC Vive Officially Endorses the FinchShift 6-DoF Controller

HTC Vive, Qualcomm Back FinchShift's Camera-Free 6-DoF VR Controllers

Key Features

2-43mm position accuracy

360-degree body tracking

No-camera tracking

One-click calibration

Optical enhancement for HMDs with Optical cameras


Wireless connection

IMU with proprietary firmware

30 hours Active playing time

LED indication

Data transfer rate 100 Hz

Latency 27ms

CPU usage below 1%

Controller weight 100 gm

Drop resistance (1.2m)

500,000 clicks

Experience with FinchShift

RiftCat native support allows you to play more
than 1000+ VR games on Steam VR

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FinchShift + VIVE Focus
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