Opens up new interaction features
FinchRing FinchRing
Great solution for working with AR devices, use FinchRing in different options and with different HMD's
Finch Ring natively integrated into Nreal AR glasses based on XR2 chipsets from Qualcomm
Smartphone Smartphone


New level of interaction for smartphone's apps. Bring more realistic experiences with handheld AR form factor factor for smartphone.
Unity SDK for IOS/Android hand-held form-factor as well as to get native Android/IOS SDK.

Making your computer's interfaces more intuitive abd efficient. Also expands the use of professional software for Artists, 3DMax, Blender, Unity Engine.

SDK for PC/Laptops - MacOS/Windows

oFreedom of movement
New control tool for easily interactions with brand new IoT applications. We are excited to see all of the applications FinchRing could be used in.
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